Indian Trail Middle School Raising Awareness

Thanks to 6th grade teacher, Ms. Cloyd, there are three classes and the Indian Trail Middle School Student Council supporting the Jacob Francisco Memorial Century & Awareness Walk.  No wonder she earned Johnson City Teacher of the Year.  They are creating over 100 pieces of environmental art to be on display at the open-air art gallery of the Jacob Francisco Memorial Awareness Walk.  I had the honor of speaking to the classes and the student council to share the importance of raising awareness of E. coli bacteria in Sinking Creek and working together to restore the stream.  The students are awesome, and a sneek-peak of some art tells me they get it.  Their art will influence this community on 4/21/12 at the Jacob Francisco Memorial Awareness Walk.  Everybody will want to come and join a Johnson City Movement to Build an Environmental Education Park at Sinking Creek!

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