An Art Teacher’s Compassion Takes Jacob’s Environmental Education Park Forward

Mr. Francisco- Woodland 5th grade has been working on a colaborative effort to create posters for your project. We have 3 fifth grade classes with about 20 in each class. We have used your Power Point to introduce concepts in writing, science, and art.  We talked about how writing and art can be used to persuade and inform. When the children understood that all this was connected to one little boy, your son, they were very touched and became very passionate about this cause. They really wanted to be a part of “making a difference”, saving lives, and helping Jacob become famous in our community. We talked about all your hard work for many years and how because you love Jacob so much,  you have turned Jacob’s death into a platform for saving lives.  Woodland has been priviledged to work on this project on your son’s behalf.  Thank you for including us.
Jennifer Burgess
Woodland Art


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